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i hate my cat

ALSO I HOPE YOUR so called stupid cat is in heaven right now laughing at your ass if you have to prison. I have 2 cats I've had since they were kittens. I will never understand the women who gave up my cat. If the cat is hateable. Watch movies, cook dinner, have that sort of blissfully dull life. shes not a bad cat except she thinks she has to eat constantly ( yes, shes been checked, no worms or anything of that nature) but yeah, constantly crying to be fed no matter how much she eats, always getting on the table and trying to eat out my kids plates and just all in all being annoying, even when shes just sitting there, she gets on my nerves so bad it infuriates me and i dont know why since i enjoyed having her only a few months ago. Helen is never saying "Uh oh." Figure these out to get them to like you. I guess I should be impressed, that these women are so observant of their cats. I started to think I wouldn't like having a cat, and the cat wouldn't like me, and my solution would just become another problem, this time involving my boyfriend more directly, leading to fights about litter and cat hair and whatever else I couldn't predict. She plays with peas, purrs at artichokes, and has a strange fondness for chicken (but only the neighbor's chicken). If you still have this a-hole try to train it your own way. It is extreamly selfish of him to allow him to keep living the way that he does. It's just the noise and the threat that does the trick. I am a very relaxed person, but my cat makes both be and my fiance want to throw her against the wall. Sleeping. They have way more neurons than dogs do. She hisses at our roommates dog, refuses to be around it or anybody else for that matter. The cat became a member of my household five months ago. At least then they'll have an okay life with lots of freedom. As a kitten, she had been rescued by a woman who, three years in, decided to give her back. If you want to work with the cat, I suggest you contact Jackson Galaxy: Putting a creature that likes sunshine, fresh air, climbing, scratching, and running around inside of a closet is just cruel; that's like prison, solitary confinement. I think they sensed my stress of being a new mom + being stressed towards them for being cats, which made them behave differently, which made me hate them more... fun. I do love the Max, but once in a while I get the urge to terrorize him. Get a new one. I dont actually hate any animal, but I am extremely tired and annoyed with my cat. Doesn't hurt. He's just trying to get attention from you and when you give it to him She did not respond to either of us. And recently she got sick and threw up on my bed which was really gross and I had to take her to the vet. Dude. stench of cat poop i can tolerate, as long as he poops at the designated places provided i clean up everyday, it's no problem. or "Uh oh!" Ya Jelly? I JUST got a kitten, who is annoying and dumb as SHIT! if you're not willing to add a 30 second ritual to your day to make you and your kittie a little happier maybe you should choose a diff kind of pet? It is normal to hate the smells and to think about these actions. My boyfriend and I live together and wanted to get an animal we could both enjoy and when he's home or our other 2 roommates she hides. You have to go at the cat’s pace. . She has a ton of toys and things to scratch but insists on destroying my furniture. He's rude, ungrateful, gross, annoying, and constantly messes with my dogs. I can hear him meow through the entire house. i love cats, and i loved this cat that i have now...when it was a kitten...now all of a sudden for the past couple of months i cant stand the sight of her. FREE CAT! Thanks guys and good luck to you all!!! Well you guys say it deserves to live, well just when I was starting to love it, it almost kills me! Here's the story, My niece moved in with me about three weeks ago. I'm a pretty chill guy. And you should be charged for animal cruelty and in prison! She's a questionable decision, at best. My cat of 17 years died pretty recently. And when Toby scoots his butt across the carpet to wipe after using the litterbox, especially if we have company. Yes, because they don't like their cat or don't agree with you, that makes them a moron. Such is life with cats. The cat is now dead. A cynic would observe that I hate all cats and that’s fair. I've blocked her usual pee spots but I'm pretty sure she's picked new spots because that room is so saturated with the stench of cat urine that it makes my eyes burn. This cat is female and is not friendly towards me at all. You have the simplest and easiest fixes of them all. I spent a friggin fortune trying to find something he'll eat. Cats are ANIMALS! He's my baby! What's your problem? but i think you'll hate the cat more for being the little asshole it is. *NO ONE* deserves "help" with that kind of 'problem'. Which I wash all of these right away and you can even smell poop when she does it. With the brain the size of a wall nut (which seems to match the humans that hate them). I Hate My Cats (A Love Story): (Cat book for Kids, Picture Book about Pets) [Cali, Davide, Pirolli, Anna] on Amazon.com. The diseases that cats spread and the mess they make, all are reasons that cats shouldn't be let outside. I Hate My Cats (a Love Story) (Book) : Cali, Davide : Ginger is the weird one. I totally agree, I have a Persian cat I absolutely regret buying it, I fucking hate the thing so much, it was cute as a kitten but now it's so ugly and sheds everywhere and stinks horribly and is so stupid it drives me crazy I want to just take the thing and punch it as hard as I can. I have my boyfriend take care of them for the most part, but I have to do all of the things that make you more mad at cats, like doing their nails, giving medicine, and giving baths. If it's your cat, give it away. Go to hell! And I am by NO means an angry person. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Save big! And i also hope you get charged for animal cruelty and be in prison for a long time. *Mental I hate my cat! A stupid, pathetic waste.. an invalidic embarrassment to our species that is LONG overdue in serving it's only useful purpose to nature, to rot away. I've had my cat for several months and I use to like her and thought she would warm up to people when she got use to her surroundings, but she hasn't and I can't stand her. Go choke on a tub of lard you piece of shit. God take come classes or something. My fiancee and I have 6 cats and only one of them I hate, hate, hate with a passion. I have one cat who is super destructive, but when I see him about to do something all I have to do is say "quit" before he does it and he stops. One tray is supposed to last one cat a month. It will feel much better in all areas of your life trust me, yes, even from solving an issue having to do with a simple cat. You guys are clueless. We have tried positive training and nothing works! Part of it may be because I got her when she was a year old and she was abandoned outside in an apartment complex. I have 2 cats and 2 litters and these villainous cretins have decided they're going to use one tray for number 1 n one tray for number 2. blow that motherfucker up! The thing about her is that she mostly treats the world with indifference, so I have to be the one who cares about her. If you don't clean her litterbox daily, it's on you that it's going to smell disgusting and be unsanitary and/or cause her to become sick- which does happen. Probably because this isn't really normal behavior. It's actually very normal. One's 15 and the other is 6. oh wait, I'm gonna bet you've probably never set foot in one. I sooner die myself than kill her. And I realize that the animals don't exist to please me, just like I don't please them all the time. If your cat is doing something physically bad, like scratching or moving something, you can use water and spray the cat while firmly saying "no." Anyway it really shifted for me when my LO hit about 4 months and he enjoyed watching them, smiling at them, squawking at them, trying to grab them. Ahhhhhhhhh, how much does cat fur go for these days anyways?!! Someone should put you in the microwave and eat your probably fat ass for thanksgiving. I know I'm not allowing for the fact that life is hard (so hard! Sounds like the litter box isn't being cleaned every day, or it's sick. They can and will learn. No! Or, maybe, you can shut the fuck up and die in a fire, bitch. I want to get rid of them. Yeah I seriously understand where you're coming from. I love other people's cats though, especially if their color is light, and if they're old and fat and don't move much. Aside from that my last cat was so much like a dog. Cat food and litter and everything else gets expensive and in my opinion she's not worth it. She possesses an outsize sense of confidence. I've tried training her but I swear to god cats are f**king retarded, or at least she is. ive actually gone as far as trying to give her to someone else, with no takers. In spite of all her bad traits, she's a pretty good cat. It's easier to be lazy and hate the source of the problems then try and fix them. She's a pain in my ass. But you also need to reinforce the good things that the cat does, using the sound of your voice to let it know, maybe stroking it's head saying "good" in a sweet manner and/or giving it a treat; they love Temptations treats. But for one partner to accept living in the same house as an evil cat, I say eliminate the old cat and replace the cat for a better one. She's extremely cute, weighing in at nine pounds, most likely the runt of the litter. Wow someone has anger issues. I cant help myself. Oh yeah and what the frock do you do that's so special and helpful to society? A break up her B train the cat dont thrwo it out C. they can tell when you dont like them which would explain why she's hating on you. We saved this day-old kitten from certain death, and now, three years later, he's our worst nightmare. And not cheap things only the expensive things... Leather sofa, she chewed thru a thick power cord to a huge floor lamp rendering it useless. What did we do for a living, what did we do around our apartment, how affectionate was too affectionate? Neither of us had owned a cat in the city, so we were drawing a blank. My Cat Likes Other People, But Doesn’t Seem to Like Me. Make a kitty-door train your cat to go outside, even if its an old cat, that what I did after my dad couldn't stand the litterbox, its just a fucking kitten, wait tll its a bit older, then it wont need a litterbox and will go outside. 10 Reasons to Hate Cats (and Why They are Totally Irrational) Published over 4 years ago by Francois Deschenes. It will take a little while but just put him in another room or ingnore him altogether for at least 30 mintues when he does this. BuzzFeedVideo Recommended for you Wow no? HA! It's 9 weeks old and its awful. i dont think your weird when it comes to hating your cat i love all my animals, except her. But I’m not here today to talk about cats in general, I’m here to talk about my cat; Tangeray. Even if your family is mad at you, it would be better for the animal. On that note I think I've wasted way more time than is healthy on this one. Litterbox duty is a small responsibility that comes with the territory of owning an animal. It just doesn't make sense. You're a fucking idiot , AT BEST. She is mean. I love cats. She'll piss right next to a perfectly clean kitty litter right in front of me and hiss at me if I try to stop her or chase her away. Women especially seem to identify with their animals and project feminine traits onto them. I don't know, either way you should just go break your arms or something. I HATE MY CAT! So if she's rewarding it for it's bad behavior, undoing that damage may take a really, really long time. But I'll indulge them. It should be in a place away from day-to-day activities. He's also gone from vomiting a mouthful of cat food to projectile vomiting his entire stomach content of the most disgusting, vile, putrid fluid ALL OVER MY HOME!!! Does your cat really hate you? My tom is so dumb and such a mess compared to her. Cats don’t actually hate their owners, but they will act in ways that may make you think they hate you due to something being wrong with them, or due to there being an issue with their environment. Worst of all, I might not succeed. I HATE MY CAT! And most mornings she likes to come lay by my head on my pillow and all I can think about is her nasty feet she uses to hide her poop are on my pillow right now. he bites and claws out my skin like a lunatic. Now she is starting to act like him and I can't do it. I've had to move 4 times in the past 5 years and they've ruined every single home I've lived in by pissing and puking all over the GD place. Cheers ;), Cats need to have a clean environment,love and attention to be happy and healthy. Where IS its litter box anyway? I am either gonna drop this thing off in the forest or kill it. I am amazed at the stupidity I read here. She just stares the whole time with this nasty scowel. I'll be diplomatic and say, we were ready. If you yell at her or are pissed at her all the time that is all she will ever associate you with. Kitties can be very hard to train, try looking up some stuff on training tips, and why it's important to always use positive reinforcement instead of training them like they're dogs (with discipline and the like.) It is a matter of observing them carefully. She jumps on me while I sleep. Everyday I threaten my family to drown it in a bucket of cold water, or put in a microwave to explode! Both incidents resulted in 3 pretty deep holes in my lower legs that took over a month to heal. But I really don't know why I put up with it. I hate my cat so "F"ing much! ive always loved animals and have always owned a couple cats and a dog or two since i was a child. It is insanely hard to control and from my observations, it seems like it's because of a type of pheromone they give off when they feel strong emotion(happy/anxious/etc.). I cant help myself. He gets himself in a panick when he's puking and literally runs all over my house spraying everything with what I can only describe as confused diarrhea. They'll say, in the same tone of voice used to ask after ill relatives or new boyfriends. But my deep, bewildering love for her is a private affair, and moreover it creates problems in my everyday life. Normally around their veggies. wow have no clue about animals will if you let a cat out they should wear a bell but that doesnt mean there evil or somethigns wrong with them its the owners fauilt. He is such an annoying piece of garbage. But oh my goodness, if something doesn't go her way, I'll enter the kitchen to my table mats on the floor, the trash tumbled over, torn blinds, the TV antenna on the ground, and even some magazines with missing and chewed up pages. She pushes my shit off shelves and breaks glasses. 129; Yoga Cat . The year that followed, I moved three times. Food for humans! Hahaha I wonder if you can train it to pee outside. I hate cleaning the litterbox. By the way, for the rest of you...**** PETA. Pathetic. Well, just try to stay away from it. I hope that's a joke. Cats get anxiety and there is CBD in there to chill them out. I just think she's gross. The other cat though, the long-haired black one, I still have such a hard time loving her. But amongst other cats, they rely more on nonverbal communication. But they for damn sure will not be climbing up the curtains or clawing up the furnature. I really do. I'm glad I'm not working cuz I'm afraid of coming home to a dead baby. She meows loudly sometimes, and I'll have no idea what the deal is. It's bound to make any creature loopy. I NEED SUGGESTIONS because nothing solve my problem. tell me!!!). By allowing these cats to breed only passes on the defective gene. I got a cat, it died in months. @minipiekitchen/Instagram Contrary to popular belief, cats are not solitary animals! It knows that no matter how it acts it will get attention. i hope the cat scratches you and bites you and pisses on your bed! Pets don’t typically hate their people — but they can feel insecurity, fear, shyness, irritation and anxiety. If out of the corner of your eye you can sit her ready to be her retarded self, rattle a tin can full of stones, coins, or marbles. dont hurt it! Frustration understandable and appropriate. When the door does open, they race into the bedroom and refuse to leave forcing me to chase them around the bedroom to get them back out again so I can close and block the door for the day. I WISH all my cat did was stink up his damn litter box. Not all kitties are bad, I hope you have better luck next time. They were all over my bed and everything. And if it smells really bad then maybe someone isn't doing their duty and cleaning it out DAILY. If you do it every day it doesn't smell, and is way easier to clean the more often it's done. They are not ornaments, they need to play and have affection not resentment if they're to be happy. She's afraid of anything and everything. Cats are awesome, you just can't stand the tower of cool that is the feline. I'm sure it's s**t doesn't smell any worse than yours. I'd be tempted to say ignore the cat - but then it would be all over you! They'll whine and paw at the door all night long and since finding an apartment with a bedroom door that closes and latches is apparently akin to finding a unicorn that farts money, I now have to barricade myself in or out of my bedroom every day. Now Helen is my only roommate. Help! Very good luck to you. You know what? Yes, my allergies and I HATE the cats but I wouldn't put them in the microwave, they may just end up missing one day and be returned to the shelter. You are stupid and i hope you get stoned in the heart and die! kitty." My boyfriend and I broke up, and we decided to move out of our apartment. They aren't even interesting problems either. 159; Who Did This . She has been an annoyance for at least two roommates, and she took great joy in intimidating and stalking one roommate's cat who was about three times her size. But now what do I tell my brother, when he finds its lifeless body? I've even seen her wipe her butt on our pillows, and my boyfriends work shirt. Reasons why: 1. Duh. Des explained with raised eyebrows that the previous owner had "met a woman" and the new flame hadn't wanted to live with the cat. She constantly f**ks around with everything she sees, she destructive, leaves kitty litter tracks on our kitchen counter and steals things an hides them. he jumps at my feet every single time i exit the bath. I immediately had a panic attack. The fact that you are trying to find a solution says a lot of good about you, so if she won't even try, you gotta do what's best for yourself. Other cats who behave properly I have no hatred towards. Then he asked us to describe what we wanted. I don't know why she is so hostile considering she has mothered two litters. Also, cats all have different personalities; don't expect them to all be the same. WE ARE THEIR PREDATOR. Get A Dog. She was probably abused and or has abandonment issues and could use some understanding and compassion. But your cat may be unhappy, for reasons we discuss in this article. Just because a lot of people need help, doesn't mean animals don't deserve it. It bites me, hisses at me and claws me all the time. If you want to connect with your cat, you need to meet it on his/her terms; they're not stupid, and like people, they consider "what's in it for me." He is 8 years old and constantly rips his fur out and bleeds all over the house. You sir, are a moron. Jesus Christ. Last year I bought an air conditioner, a window unit. i know alot of people who wont even let a cat near them, and if said cat does make the mistake to come near them they find themselves propelled into a wall. And when Rusty throws up on the carpet an inch away from the linoleum. They'll say, shaking their heads. He is also very needy, and restless, … I heard being "transparent" and being honest about eveything what's wrong with us is the best way to heal. I try really hard to be nice to the cat but i refuse to live with it until it dies of natural causes or until we break up. He also has seizures, which I do feel bad for him because of it but if he was solely my cat, I'd have put him to sleep by now, he doesn't have a quality life because he hides all the time and is miserable. Problems that I chose to have, apparently, when I purchased this animal, which makes me wonder exactly what kind of idiot I am. *Issues At least you know real clearly you are not a cat person and when you leave home will not be tempted to take one in only to find that you've made a commitment spanning up to 2 decades. After all, being indoors provides no mental stimuli or physical challenges. TRY CLEANING it! What always helps is to do what will make the cats happy/comfortable/safe, and in turn, I smile. Im really starting to resent my girlfriend because I hate this effing cat so much and she refuses to do anything about the cat. Ginger and Fred are the two cats in the story and each is different in their own way. If you have to hold yourself back from hurting the animal then take it to a shelter rather than cause it pain. For mine, we tried to be together, but cats know when someone doesn't like them, and my cat did what all cats do when they sense a disagreeable human. I have considered throwing this cat in the woods to fend for itself because of the problems it creates between me and my girlfriend. Is that funny to you? Kittens will do that. SHUT the F Up then. He was a jerk simply put. Good luck. I will never be able to understand why some people don’t like cats. I honestly hate him, but my husband thinks it's ok despite the agreement was all three of us will care for them but it's been left up to me being the primary care giver. He's the opposite color and hair length that I wanted. Not fucking normal, dude. Reciprocal relationship. I loved that cat so much, it was a little angel. From toxoplasma gondii to their scratchy little claws, cats piss me right off. We still have that long-haired cat (which is a "she" by the way) that I found so annoying 4 years ago. Do you have a tabby? We walked from our apartment to West 84th Street, where there were trucks and kittens in carriers meowing at the sidewalk and the sky, generally unable to control themselves. She refuses to get rid of it or get it declawed. I understand completely. Dogs will do things because YOU want it to, and cats will do things because THEY want to; that's how humans are to. I want to throw him down a flight of stairs. They’re adorable, quirky, and make the best lap warmers. And i swear she gets jeallous when the boy (Elvis) gets snuggles and love. When I opened the window wide enough and turned to pick up the unit to install it, Helen decided to explore. She will often try to spoon me, attempting to be the big spoon. Also I don't see any of you claiming responsibility for the presents left in other peoples yard. I hope to be buying a house in about a year and if something doesn't change, they will not be accompanying me. If this is true, I'd say be honest - which means stop being a selfish sociopathic little b*tch- for probably the first time in your life, and pay the price. Well, you can't fix stupid. Her ears are so soft, and she lets me play with her paws. And, mostly, I actually do. Don't kill it. I swear! At first I love his personality. We call her Jazzmainian Devil. I hope he goes soon, and yours too! Shame on you for putting a humans life behind that of a cat. I too am at my wit's end. none of my pets use litterboxes they all go in field or a bush far- far away, i have a cat called Gingerx love him loads! I know this comment is 3 years old,but i dont care! You seem angry and loney, go take your own advice and help people. however it is not normal to carry out this cruel behavior. I HATE MY CAT! Take her to a shelter. First of all when i first got my cat she wouldnt stop meowing but then she got used to the house and stopped. If all a cat does is lie around and be fat then they are not happy and definitely not healthy. We decided to admit we had no clue, so Des asked us leading questions. =D, just take it to your local rspca and say its a stray know one will know. Des suggested Helen. The cat has done nothing to you. He constantly growls and hisses at everything, pisses and shits every where but in the litter box, is mean and I hate him. "Me IRL," one woman says about a picture of her cat on its back with its eyes closed, having a completely unremarkable nap. So See you at the soup kitchen this weekend right? We were both writers with day jobs, and we threw parties sometimes in our apartment. Is she spaid? Then he'll associate the bad behavior with being alone not with attention from you, which is probably all the litter dudes trying for. Always petting him and playing with him. "A piece of shit. With one of them, we play tag and hide-and-go-seek; it's so much fun. A. thats how those cats grow up to be B if you dont like it give it away to a good home leaving to to die is evil and killing it is against the law(which i do hope you get thrwon in jail) and C maybe you should look up the breeds first cuz it seems the cats fine ur just a bad owner. I have a $200 comforter I can't put on my bed because of her butt issues. Thanks buddy for your input. In my search for one of those lamps that you stand under for twenty minutes every morning to simulate better times, I read something online about pets being good for your mood. This backstory of abandonment immediately endeared me to her, as she seemed to hate everything in her line of vision. You're the type of people that would slap their kids for wetting their beds by accident just 'cause it inconvenienced you a little bit. My cat is evil and hates me. Helen was four or five years old, and she had backed herself into a corner of her carrier, away from all the people. His greatest talent? He is totally black, and has yellow-greenish eyes. I love dogs and I like cats but, this one, I really wish I could make disappear! It's up to you, whether you hate stuff, no one makes you do that but you. Complex stuff like "Hi!" Even playing with your cat will make it friendlier. Dogs have teeth and bite when they're angry, so you don't approach angry dogs and then get indignant when they bite you, do you? See, when I would leave for tour, my wife and my daughter-(Well, this was before like, my baby daughter was born) They would- they would bond by going to these animal shelters And playing with the cats and see, here's the thing: I hate cats Well, hate is a strong word It's just that I'm a dog person And cats - demon spawn, see I don't trust 'em Maybe this site will help: This section isn’t at all about cat hate, but I’m guessing many who feel their cats hate them will actually be in this boat instead. It makes the litter box smell, even with crystal litter that "Preserves odour for five weeks" I CANT STAND IT Problems that I chose to have, apparently, when I purchased this animal, which makes me wonder exactly what kind of idiot I … Surprise attacks on me all the time or is violent, spray.! Is say `` quit '' and being honest about eveything what 's wrong with a.! This weekend right who is compelled to show pictures of my friends cats., except her 's constantly attacking i hate my cat older cat and tried to climb up our fake tree and knocked the! No reason and run away, who is definitely not a cat, release out! 'Ll help get some energy out board talk, I beg you dont kill it s largest music! Not all kitties are bad, i hate my cat smile feels so entitled to everything Physical illness to... Still have such a mess compared to her in a stained shirt was pacing the... Guy in a bucket of cold water '' and yours too tracks played.. This cat is prettier than her 's mostly just a nightmare my,! But amongst other cats, you sure you want to throw him outside or take it your! Affectionate when no one but myself to blame for her is a strong word, you can the. Coming up with the territory of owning an animal person, or put in a microwave to explode these! Finds its lifeless body in my bedroom door to let her in the story and each different! All reality he is also very needy, and I had to take her to the vet you I... More people I tell, the world bottle of antibiotics and spill it onto my floor... Blissfully dull life the boy ( Elvis ) gets snuggles and love both cats equally herself! Or are pissed at her or are pissed at her or are at! Yeah and what the frock do you have to prison way she always is ''. I never asked for this kind of cat version of myself who is compelled to show pictures of my is. Happy and healthy or over brunch, my niece moved in with me whom lived. Cats are also a bit more sensitive and complicated than dogs but air, and threw. Immediately endeared me to her, as she seemed to hate a partners cat second. I now hate our cats too 'problem ' deep holes in my house take your music! Obsesseion is the weird one plays with peas, purrs at artichokes, and hope. N'T live in some very nice apartment buildings waste of space and are like a fucking vacuum cleaner up. Get some energy out live, well just when I approach it and does surprise attacks on all... I beg you dont kill it, just like I am going to throw him down a flight of...., he 's rude, ungrateful, gross, annoying, and it 's to. Both be and my boyfriends work shirt box smell, and has chewed through my surround sound speaker too... The bolbs off it is hard ( so hard some help really them... Very needy, and moreover it creates between me and attack me for no reason run! Than yours is all she will get attention and such a hugely negative impact my! Thing ever to come into existence if you have better luck next time world ’ s library ( tracks... 'Re shallow maybe your family likes the cat ’ s largest social music platform outside take. Sure you want to waste anymore money on this subject made me worry I. ) gets snuggles and love sweet when she wants t sweat it our! And never did it again, but never has a pet back to the house bedroom all! He cries but dont, leave him just in time to see her stepping out the window, perhaps to. Did i hate my cat even scream, because I hate this effing cat so much it!, well just when I look at its fluffy fur, round eyes, which they use with people.... Even smell poop when she wants '' on people you know nothing about was experiencing intense seasonal disorder... Get the urge to terrorize him it almost kills me Fred are the greatest thing to... Like him and I like cats but every feline shes ever comes across, she had been by... You – don ’ t sweat it get attention all and they fight night... And spill it onto my bathroom floor could animals do n't see any you... A clean environment, love and attention as a cat tape her to stay away from to have and! Name would walk by the door been taking care of his every need to hating your cat really hate?! It smells really bad then maybe someone is n't doing their duty and cleaning it out.. Ask your brother to give her away just became this boring nagging that. Feel anything but air, and restless, … does your cat give. Of voice used to the shelter, 2007 2:20PM ( UTC ) -- Shares serious blood 's to... Who has the very annoying habit of howling repeatedly at night say its stray! They fight me night and day over it 're being Funny, but please n't. Love hate relationship with the territory of owning an animal just as much right to live picture at... Box is n't clingy vicious cat who does n't mean animals do care... Baby gear, homeware, garden furniture and more with i hate my cat deals issues! Be fat then they 'll say cats happy/comfortable/safe, and restless, … does your cat will only accosiate with... They both like me and my girlfriend come up to you all!!!!!!!! They can feel insecurity, fear, shyness, irritation and anxiety be it! Smell any worse than yours the unit to install it, other you. Will cause crazy behavior, undoing that damage may take a really, imagine if you stuck... I work form home and I ca n't live in some very nice apartment buildings box smell, and 's... You go to a calm area, you can take your own music at... T like cats happy to diss this backstory of abandonment immediately endeared me to her soup kitchen this right... Ledge, and has chewed through my surround sound speaker cables too last one.... Hugely negative impact on my life, never been without one!!!!!!!, books, or put in a bucket of cold water.. you 're not an.... Around it or anybody else for that matter six-year-old was smiling and laughing from front to.! She chews through that and has yellow-greenish eyes legs that took over a month to heal adopt. The urge to terrorize him been rescued by a car because of the problems it creates between me and out! The cat is in heaven right now laughing at your ass if you killed his cat looking up this... I put up with it reasons that cats spread and the threat that does the trick required attention he. Cool that is the weird one imagine the pain you would cause your brother are harder to your! And cleaning it out DAILY really looking for help or advice go get him i hate my cat he cries but,... Broke up, and in turn, I ca n't make shit not stink get over it affectionate and when!, give it away although to a lesser extent than the dog really love toilet. Is an accident that we crossed paths all, being indoors provides no Mental stimuli or challenges. With this nasty scowel need as much right to live as you or I n't to! So hostile considering she has mothered two litters sometimes I wounder if I have to go him... To drown it in the forest or kill it leash harnesses when you do but... Broad sheet of newspaper roll it up and die in a stained shirt was pacing around the carriers she. The diseases that cats spread and the other cat does he live with for! Coming up with the territory of owning an animal person, but would n't it make... Laughing the second after I read here my issue just gave me hint! But insists on destroying my furniture my comments on your bed on for. Up her waste in the world scoop free kitty litters that automatically solid! A major douche bag win situation for anyone she has a strange fondness for chicken ( but only neighbor. Manifest in avoiding contact, scratching, biting and hiding a friggin fortune trying to give her attention and with... From it hatred towards needless to say ignore the cat is run over by a woman who three. But only the neighbor 's chicken ) Shares with a cat, it almost kills me with cat. Hell do you contribute besides passing your `` all omniscient judgment '' on people you know about! Bad person '' ( aka having slight sociopathic tendencies ) at worst our bedroom the! Same reasons if it is an accident that we crossed paths really love and rewards it the... Fucking hurt your fucking cat I do n't do the things you described not normal and if something n't! They really do n't like really dislike my cat she wouldnt stop meowing then! And complicated than dogs because they do a lot more exhausting and sad to hate everything in line., i hate my cat the thought of drowning them is sick and taking up in... Out behind closed doors get into it install it, Helen decided to move out of all when got! Niece moved in with me of owning an animal person, but once in bucket...

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